KAT-Logistics Oy

KAT-Logistics – experienced transport

Versatile vehicles and a quality service are the corner stones of our business. We serve our clients with tried-and-tested reliability and a modern fleet. For us, it is unquestionably important that our drivers are properly trained with customer service skills, and our vehicles are always kept in tip top shape.

Well-maintained high-quality vehicles paired with skilled route planning ensure an effective and safe transport. We take care of our customers with great attention to detail, and our know-how and our versatile fleet enables us to offer a wide range of transport solutions both in Finland and in Scandinavia. Contact us for a tailored logistics solution!

Transport expertise in several fields

KAT-Logistics began transport operations in 1988. Initially, we had two earth-moving trucks, serving locals and businesses in Western Lapland. The earth-moving equipment was upgraded to cargo trucks by the mid-1990s. Our family business offered dry cargo transport for construction and sawmill operators in Northern Finland, already transporting materials to Northern Norway back then.

In the new millennium, it has become increasingly important to provide logistics in Norway and Sweden. By 2005, transport abroad accounted for half of our entire turnover. In the present day, KAT-Logistics has a fleet of over 40 vehicles, transporting goods to Sweden, Norway and Denmark in addition to Finland.